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This Holiday, Let Your Child Build Robots and Dreams with Samtech

Robotics & Electronics Training For Kids of All Ages!

At Samtech, we believe the children of today are the tech leaders of tomorrow.

With this belief, we’ve curated the perfect blend of fun and learning with our Summer Coding and Robotics Training 2.0.

Designed for ages 6 to 17, our immersive program will ignite the spark of technological curiosity in your child’s mind, transforming them into young innovators ready to shape the future.

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What we do

Kids Robotics Training

We offer online, in-person, and hybrid classes(combining both in-person and online elements, where some sessions are conducted face-to-face, and others are held virtually.)

School Teachers Robotic Training

Do you have a school? We will train your teachers on the basics of robotics and continue to provide additional support.

Robotic Kits Sales

We offer a range of high-quality robotic kits and electrical tools, aiding learners in their hands-on exploration of robotics and electronics.

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Undergraduate Students Robotics Training

We engage undergraduates during semester breaks. We train in computer programming, machine learning, robotics, and mechatronics.

Holiday Robotic Training For Schools

We also deploy our in-house trainers to schools that want to transform their students, especially during holiday lessons.

Final Year Project Consultancy

Got some tedious engineering projects and need experienced hands? We have got you covered.

About us

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At Samtech Nigeria LTD, we are passionate about empowering the innovators and tech leaders of tomorrow. Founded in Nigeria, we specialize in training individuals in the realms of mechatronics, computer programming, robotics, and electronics. Our vision is to ignite the spark of technological curiosity and convert it into a lifelong journey of innovation and learning.

Our team of experts has meticulously designed a comprehensive suite of courses that cater to various age groups, ensuring everyone, from kids to adults, is included in this technological revolution. Be it your first foray into coding, the intricacies of electronics, or the fascinating world of robotics, we guide you every step of the way with our dynamic and immersive training modules.

But we don’t stop at training. To provide you with a seamless learning experience, Samtech also offers a range of high-quality kits and electrical tools, aiding learners in their hands-on exploration of robotics and electronics.

Join us at Samtech, where we’re not just teaching; we’re shaping the future, one code at a time.

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